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Seeking Out Integrative Oncology

After a cancer diagnosis, it feels like the whole world as you knew it is collapsing. Family members are telling you to take this supplement, but your neighbor is swearing on a homeopathic remedy her friend took, and Facebook ads are suggesting products from other countries that are the “cure”? It’s already an overwhelming time as you’re trying to process what comes first (Should I get another opinion? Should I join a clinical trial? Are my kids at risk?), let alone trying to sort through suggestions people are making.

What is Integrative Oncology?:

Combining conventional with evidence-based complementary therapies to provide comprehensive care focused on improving the overall well-being and quality of life of patients.

Who is a candidate for Integrative Oncology?:

Anyone with immediate family history of oncologies, those who have just been diagnosed, those actively going through conventional treatment (like surgery, radiation, chemotherapy), those in remission, and those in survivorship.

What are some examples of this in practice?:

1. Addressing side-effects of treatment:

2. Combining conventional + supplements for increased survival outcome:

  • Melanoma: Dacarbazine based adjacent chemotherapy + fermented wheat germ extract = showed significant difference in progression and overall survival, suggesting inclusion of Avemar in adjuvant protocols with high-risk skin melanoma.

3. Monitoring for possible interactions amongst treatments:

  • Chemo/Radiation therapy + Antioxidants: After years of debate and numerous studies, it is recommended to discourage supplemental antioxidants during specific chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy as it can possibly disrupt treatment effects.

4. Recognizing dangers of combinations:

5. Prevention of cancers:

This can be a scary, confusing or overwhelming time for you - or let’s face it, all three - but we are here to help do all we can to support you body, mind and spirit as you undergo this cancer journey.

Additional information can be found clicking these links:



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