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Meet Dr. Ciara Lumaj, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Ciara Lumaj's passion for natural medicine stems from her Albanian heritage, which places a high value on natural remedies. This interest led her to pursue a Naturopathic Doctorate at Bastyr University, where she concentrated on men's and women's health, gastrointestinal conditions, and oncology.

Her focus on women's health was inspired by her own experience with endometriosis, motivating her to explore its causes and potential healing methods. Additionally, Dr. Lumaj delved into oncology, influenced by her mother's Stage IV cancer diagnosis during medical school. This personal encounter provided her with a deep understanding of the complexities of cancer treatment and its impact on patients and caregivers.

Dr. Lumaj underscores the significance of preventative medicine and offers comprehensive women's wellness exams, including breast examinations and PAP smears, alongside the optimization of general health for both men and women.

Her healthcare approach revolves around patient education, empowering individuals to actively engage in medical decision-making. Dr. Lumaj values collaborative efforts in setting health goals and plans, ensuring a patient-centered approach to wellness.

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